• Watering Control System for Agriculture on Android Smartphones Case Study
  • Watering Control System for Agriculture on Android Smartphones Case Study : Orchid Farms in Samut Sakhon

    Somjin Juntarajessadakorn
    Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, Faculty of Science and Technology, 85 Malaiman Rd., Muang, Nakhon Pathom 73000.
    Email : somjin1998@yahoo.com

    A natural water source is one of the significant factors for cropping. Farmers whose plantations are far from the government plumbing and irrigation system must seek out and store natural water for their own use. In order to access this, most farmers build their own artesian wells to supply for not only their consumptionbut also their agriculture. However, one of the problems is the level of artesian water in the wells is quite low and limited. They have to confine the amount of water usage especially, watering in their farms according to the quantity of water pumped from the artesian wells. Thus this research proposes the development of watering control system for agriculture on android smartphonesand microcontrollers for solving this problem. Generally, a mobile phoneon an android operating system is rather cheap, easy to buy and most popularly used for many people including farmers. This research demonstrated that the watering control system on android smartphones could be used to help and facilitate farmers to control the amount of water pumping and watering in their farms. The system together with application software were user friendly, particularly, how to automatically set time and schedule.  In addition, an evaluation of system performance from the two selective groups of expert users and target farmers were carried out in this study. The research results showed that the rating scale of the performance of the watering control system on android smartphones was very good and efficient.

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  • ผู้เขียน : Somjin Juntarajessadakorn
  • เผยแพร่ : 2016-02-16

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