• Developing critical thinking skills in secondary schools in Thailand
  • Developing critical thinking skills in secondary schools in Thailand: multiple case studies

    Researcher : Dr.Kaewwieng Numnaphol
    Roi Et Rajabhat University Co- Researchers
    1. Msr. Surinthorn Wangkahard Teacher at Phonthong Pattanawittaya school, Roi Et Porvince
    2. Miss Wilaiporn Techa
    3. Msr.Supunnee Ar-worn Teachers at Pha namtipwittaya school, Roi Et Porvince

    This study aims to 1) develop an understanding of teachers in teaching critical thinking 2) study the outcomes of teaching students to develop critical thinking skillsin secondary schools in Thailand: Multi-Case Studies, and 3) to synthesize the development of critical thinking skills in academic administration in secondary schools. The target group was acquired by purposive selections. The population of this research comprised 60 teachers who taught students in secondary school grade 1-6 of the academic year 2011 from  two schools: Phon Thong Pathanawittaya school (30 teachers), Ampuor Phon Thong ,Roi Et province and Pha num Tip wittaya school Ampour Nong Poke, Roi Et Province (30 teachers).The research Instruments used to collect data were: 1) interview questions for focus group discussions 2) Observational form and 3) Questionnaires to survey the satisfaction of the teachers. The IOC was in between. 0.66 to 1.00 with a confidence. 0.92 4) Test before - after two training schools with the IOC between 0.66 -1.00.  Data was analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation including the descriptive analysis.The results were:

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  • ผู้เขียน : Dr.Kaewwieng Numnaphol, Surinthorn Wangkahard, Wilaiporn Techa, Supunnee Ar-worn
  • เผยแพร่ : 2016-02-16

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