• How Research on Language Can Help All Researchers
  • How Research on Language Can Help All Researchers

    Professor Dr. Leslie Burke Barratt1, Professor Emerita2
    1 Graduate Studies, Roi-Et Rajabhat University, Thailand
    2 Indiana State University, USA
    *Corresponding author: Leslie.Barratt@indstate.edu

              Scholars today in every discipline rely on Google, Google Scholar, and other Internet searches in their work. This keynote presentation will illustrate that online searches can be used for language as well as for the concepts and sources.  Furthermore, the presentation will introduce specific online search tools of language corpora, which were created for the language research method known as corpus linguistics, and demonstrate that these search tools are user friendly as well as extremely useful for scholars and students of any field to consult in their academic writing and speaking in order to verify meaning, usage, formality, and appropriateness for international academic communication. Although the examples will come from English, online corpora have been created for many languages and can serve as a resource for formal writing in those languages as well.

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  • ผู้เขียน : Professor Dr. Leslie Burke Barratt, Professor Emerita, Graduate Studies, Indiana State University
  • เผยแพร่ : 2016-02-16

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